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Performance Management is a comprehensive and elaborate system of monitoring performance of municipalities has been legislated. This system is intended to continuously monitor the performance of municipalities in fulfilling their developmental mandate. Central to this is the development of key performance indicators as instruments to assess performance. These indicators help to translate complex socio-economic development challenges into quantifiable and measurable outputs. They are therefore crucial to improving the quality of life for all.

The Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations (2001) define a Municipality’s Performance Management System as “a framework that describes and represents how the municipality’s cycle and processes of performance planning, monitoring, measurement, review, reporting and improvement will be conducted, organized and managed, including determining the roles of the different role players” (Chapter 3, Section 7, Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations,2001).

Chapters 6 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No.32 of 2000), requires local government to:

  • Develop a performance management system.
  • Set targets, monitor and review performance based on indicators linked to the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).
  • Publish an annual report on performance management for the councillors, staff, the public and other spheres of government.
  • Incorporate and report on a set of general indicators prescribed nationally by the Minister responsible for local government.
  • Conduct an internal audit on performance report audited by the Auditor-General.
  • Involve the community in setting indicators and targets and reviewing municipal performance.