The new Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Speaker of uMngeni Municipality were inaugurated along with 20 new Councillors, both Ward Councillors and Proportional Representative Councillors at the Howick West Hall recently.

Councillor Thulani Mthalani was elected Speaker, Councillor Nompumelelo Buthelezi was elected Deputy Mayor, with Councillor Sizwe Sokhela elected as Mayor.

“It is with great humility that I rise before you to accept my nomination as the Mayor of uMngeni Municipality for the next term of office of this democratic government. This Council is a significant institution in a collective effort of realizing the dream of the National Democratic Society, irrespective of political affiliation,” said Mayor Sokhela after the inauguration.

He said that the new Council should be characterized by robust debate where matters affecting the people of uMngeni are central, without elevating narrow political issues into the agenda.

“This Council should unequivocally embrace the principles of working closer to the people, transparency, accountability, responsibility and clean governance. In order to maximize our impact and unlock the potential of uMngeni we must work closely with religious leaders, traditional leaders, professionals, organized labour, NGOs, different sectors of the civil society and businesses. In addition, we wish to strengthen public participation through ward committees, public meetings and various forum,” the Mayor added.

He set the tone for the new Council by stating that they are committing themselves to fast-track service delivery as outlined in the Constitution and the Freedom Charter.

“This is not a perfect Council, we are not perfect people, yet we are called to a perfect mission, our mission: to house the homeless, to teach the illiterate, to provide basic services to the destitute and to provide jobs to the jobless. The leadership must heed the call of service, conscience, redemption, expansion, healing and unity for they are key to achieving our fundamental mission,” added the Mayor.

He said that the electorate who voted in record numbers are desperate, destitute and disinherited, but have invested their faith, hope and trust in the new Council. “This leadership must send them a signal that we care. We pledge our best not to let them down,” added the Mayor