About Technical Services

The department is responsible, among other functions, for the provision of infrastructure to residents and other basic services affecting our communities on a daily basis.

The core functions of the department are as follows:

  • Roads, Storm Water and Traffic Engineering Services.
  • Parks, Gardens and Environment Services
  • Waste Management Services
  • Vehicles Plant and Equipment Services
  • Contracts and Projects Services
  • Electricity Services
  • Low Income Housing delivery, EIA’s (Environmental Impact Assessments), Planning Approvals and Implementation of Infrastructure and Top structures to Low Income Housing Projects.

Challenges faced by the department

  • Ageing infrastructure
  • The lack of availability of adequate resources to maintain existing infrastructure assets.
  • The available capacity of bulk services in support of development.

Achievements since 2001:

  • Total Low Income Houses with access to all basic services 6400units
  • Total 0f 35km’s of surfaced roads constructed.
  • All urban areas have access to water, sanitation, electricity. road and refuse collection.
  • Greenest town awards
  • Vuna Awards
  • Govan Mbeki award for housing innovation.
  • Job creation programmes as in formed by the Expanded Public Works Programme are applied to all Infrastructure Projects.





Corporate Services:
033 239 9210
Community Services:
033 239 9270
Technical Services:
033 239 9245
Financial Services:
033 239 9225
Economic Development & Planning:
033 239 9285
Office of the Municipal Manager:
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Office of the Mayor:
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